Chinmaya Vision Programme

The Chinmaya Vision Programme concretises Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s vision of education. It aims at giving the future citizens of India, a true vision of life to help them face challenges in a positive and dynamic manner and heartily contribute to society. A judicious combination of academics and value education seems to serve as an ideal approach to education. While academics leads to economic self-reliance, CVP provides inner strength and balance as well. When both are fostered, the ground is prepared for a vast, noble vision of life to unfold in the child, which is the stuff that great men and women are made of.

Through the child, the light of this vision spreads to the society, the country, and the world at large.

Chinmaya Vision Programme is identified under four heads:
• Integrated Development
• Indian Culture
• Patriotism
• Universal Outlook

It aims at the overall unfoldment and gentle blossoming of the student at the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels of his/her personality.

It implies good health and proper growth of students leading to the optimum expression of their overall well-being. It includes physical fitness, nutrition, hygiene, personal grooming, health education, health assessment, prevention of diseases and their treatment.

It aims at making the student an emotionally balanced person. It thereby helps him/her to live in harmony with himself/herself and the world. It includes emotional expansion, handling emotions, handling relationships, gender specific education, mental health assessment and counseling.

Man has infinite intellectual potential. Under this head, CVP helps the student manifest his/her inherent intellectual capacities and enhance existing ones. It includes intellectual kindling, independent thinking, management skills, aesthetics, creativity, intellectual assessment and guidance.

Man is potentially divine. Spiritual Development enables the child to discover his/her inherent divinity and manifest it. It is achieved through value education, value based education, philosophy, introspection, meditation techniques, yoga etc.

Culture is more than just art forms, festivals and rituals. Culture is the very way of life of a race and its thinking, which makes it unique and special. Under this head, the student is given a wide exposure to the various aspects of our culture, cultural awareness and appreciation of vast literacy, artistic and scientific heritage of India, explanations of customs and traditions and cultural motivation through hobbies and projects.

This vital area of focus includes education in citizenship, civic consciousness, fostering pride in being Indian and vital national concerns such as unity in diversity. It aims at creating dedicated and committed citizens who take real pride in serving the nation.

Universal Outlook refers to instilling in children the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam”-“One world One Family. Such an outlook helps the child view himself/herself as a responsible citizen of world (including world issues), live in harmony with creation (environmental education and the synthesis between science and religion) as well as become aware of being an intrinsic part of the macrocosm.

CVP is not an activity but a vision-inducing programme – the very spirit behind all activities in the Vidyalaya. It is not a ‘value add’, but the Vidyalaya culture. It is not portion-based, but attitude-based.